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2021 Prosperity Sale

【Bundle Of 2】M2 Power Shake 8s x2Box

SGD 65.90 SGDSGD 113.90 SGD

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus Tablet (Double Effect) 30S x4

SGD 142.90 SGDSGD 239.90 SGD

【Bundle Of 2】Simply Royal Jelly Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus 30Sx2

SGD 72.90 SGDSGD 119.90 SGD

MIRAE CICA+ Plus Cushion Cream 30ml + 8 Minutes Cushion Mask 2 boxes (Moisturizing x 1 box + Brightening x 1 box)

SGD 42.90 SGDSGD 89.90 SGD

【Bundle of 2】M2 Booster EX Plus x 2Box

SGD 66.90 SGDSGD 98.90 SGD

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Calories Control Enzyme Tablet 30S x2 + Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet 30S x2

SGD 89.90 SGDSGD 159.90 SGD

【Bundle of 2】Simply MCT Golden Latte Enzyme Powder 8sx2

SGD 49.90 SGDSGD 86.90 SGD

Fan Beauty Secret Seagrape Deep Hydrating Water Gel Mask 5s + Fan Beauty Secret Advanced Repair Eye Mask 5s

SGD 33.00 SGDSGD 63.80 SGD

【Bundle Of 2】M2 Power Shake Strawberry Yogurt 8sx2

SGD 65.90 SGDSGD 113.90 SGD