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Simply Calories Control Enzyme Tablet 30S
  • SKU: P-SB-HF-006

Simply Calories Control Enzyme Tablet 30S

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    【Contents】 - 0.6g x 30 tablets
    【Functions】 -36 type of fruits and vegetables enzyme to help digestion, Kudzuvine flower extract to burn calories,gamboge fruit to promote metabolism
    【Ingredients】 - Maltodextrin, raspberry ketone, gamboge fruit, patented Kudzuvine flower extract, L-carnitine, patented compounded fruits and vegetables enzyme powder
    【Method to Use】 - Twice a day,1 tablet each,take along with room temperature water after meal
    【Shelf Life】 - 3 years
    【Origin】 - Taiwan
    【Cautions】 -
    1. Please place at dry shady area that is out of reach from the children, and avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight.
    2. Prohibited to pregnant woman or person who allergic to any ingredients of this product, person with physical discomfort or under special circumstances, please consult to doctor (pharmacist) before the consumption.
    3. Please use up as soon as the product is unsealed.
    【规格】- 0.6g x 30锭 
    【主要功效】- 36种蔬果酵素帮助消化,葛花萃取燃料補给,藤黄果帮助代谢
    【使用方式】- 每日食用2次,每次1锭,於餐后配合温开水食用
    【保存期限】- 3年
    【原产地】- 台湾