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Ludeya 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g
Ludeya 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g
  • SKU: P-LD-LP-002

Ludeya 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g

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    [Contents] – 50g

    [Main Function] – Moisturizing, remove dullness, whitening, anti-aging, refine wrinkle, firming, nourishing and repairing, improve skin tone, sensitive skin.

    [Main Ingredients] – Premium amber essence, rhizome extract, maritime pine bark extract, allantoin

    [Suitable Skin Type] – Normal skin

    [Directions to use] –

    1st step: After removing make up and cleansing face, dispense a proper amount of essence.

    2nd step: Apply gently with fingertips until fully absorbed.

    [Shelf time] - 3 years

    [Origin] - Taiwan

    [Caution]- Avoid from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If skin irritation or rash occurs, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use it on wounded/ affected skin. Please perform allergy/sensitive test before use. If there is any abnormal, itching, redness or swelling do not apply this product.