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Simply Japan Patent Probiotics Powder 30S -
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Simply Japan Patent Probiotics Powder 30S

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    [Content] - 60g/30packet

    [Function] - Improves digestion. Reduce gastric acid, heartburn or reflux condition. Japan formulated probiotic that improves flora on your large and small intestine. Increase the survival rate of good bacteria to reach till intestine. Improve appetite and giving you better health.

    [Main ingredients] - Japan Patented Lactobacillus (combination of more than 15 types of good Lactobacillus). Maltodextrin, lactic acid bacteria, Rhizoctonia, Pseudomonas, galactooligosaccharides, 19 kinds of fruits and vegetables

    [Directions to use] - 1-2 times daily. 1 pack each. Consume before meal in the morning and evening with room temperature water. Water temperature should not be higher than 50 degrees.

    [Shelf life] - 3 years

    [Origin] - Taiwan

    [Precautions ]-

    1. This product contains dairy milk ingredient. Suitable for vegetarian could consume.
    2. Please consult a doctor (medicine) for advice of consumption who have special conditions.



    【主要功效】 -帮助消化调整体质、耐胃酸确实抵达、增加好菌存活率、促进食欲增强体力

    【使用方式】 -每日食用1-2次、每次1包、於早晚餐前可直接食用,或者配合开水食用、水温不高於50度

    【保存期限】 - 3年

    【原产地】 - 台湾

    【注意事项】 -