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Mirae Moisturizing Ampoule Essence Mask 100ml
  • SKU: P-MR-AP-004

Mirae Moisturizing Ampoule Essence Mask 100ml

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     Contents  100ml/bottle
     Main Functions  Repairs and moisturizes skin, leaving skin hydrated & radiant
     Main Ingredients  Centella asiatica, molecular nails, B-glucan, small molecule hyaluronic acid, Antarctic glacial glycoprotein extraction, seaweed hyaluronic acid, isomeric oligomeric pond, provitamin B5 (panthenol), betaine, honey moisturizer
     Suitable Skin  Normal skin
     Direction to use  Apply a proper amount to the face and massage the skin until absorbed.
     Origin  Taiwan
     Shelf Life  3 years
    1. For external use only, please use it as soon as possible after opening to ensure the best quality.
    2. Please avoid the eyes. If you accidentally touch your eyes, please wash with water.
    3. For sensitive skin, please do a partial skin test (under the ear, neck) before use. Test without irritating reaction before use.
    4. Do not apply this product to wounds, redness and abnormal skin. If you develop allergies due to your personal physique after use, please stop using and consult a professional doctor.
    5. Do not use children under the age of three, please keep them out of reach of children.