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Sexylook Algae Hydroplus Brightening Cream Mask 4s -
  • SKU: MB-SLB004

Sexylook Algae Hydroplus Brightening Cream Mask 4s

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    Sexylook Algae Hydroplus Brightening Cream Mask 4s

     – 28ml/pc ; 4pcs/box
    [Main Functions ] - Replace common essence , choose light refreshing essence cream , more luxurious and rich texture , deeply moisturize , for dry skin to infuse with moisture . 3.85% beauty essence x 100 % moisturizing honey extract , all in 1 dryness repair.
    [Main Ingredients] – Brittany seaweed extract , yeast extract , honey extract , Japan fruits and vegetables enzyme , Salicylic acid, deep ocean water
    [Skin types ] – Normal skin
    [Cleaning Method] – After cleansing , gently apply the mask to the entire face for 10-15 minutes , then remove the mask . If the essence remains on your face, you can gently massage with your fingertips to help the skin absorb without rinse it.
    [Origin] – Taiwan
    [Shelf Life] – 3 years
    [Cautions] –
    1. For external use only, avoid eyes or wounds. If you accidentally touch the eyes, please rinse with water.
    It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test (under the ears, on the neck) before the first use. If your skin feels uncomfortable after use, stop using it and consult a doctor.
    Please use as soon as possible after opening to ensure the best quality
    Do not use on the face of children under 3 years old