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【GIFT】 $10 Voucher, code will be given once received order

【GIFT】 $10 Voucher, code will be given once received order

SGD 10.00 SGD

    How do I redeem/register the eGift Card?

    To redeem the e-Gift card, click the redemption link found in the bottom of the e-Gift email sent and follow the instructions accordingly. Once that is done, you may register your e-Gift card by creating a Starbucks account here or adding it to your existing Starbucks account.


    Does the Starbucks eGift Card expire?

    The Starbucks eGift Card is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. After 30 days from the date of purchase, the eGift will be considered expired and no refund will be made or reimbursed to the sender of the Starbucks eGift Card. Extension of the validity period is not allowed.
    Once the Starbucks eGift Card is redeemed, the usual 3 years validity period from the last transaction date applies for the Starbucks Card.

    Starbucks Card can be used at all Starbucks stores in Singapore except stores located at Changi Airport. reserve the right, at any time to review and revise these terms and conditions without prior notice; and/or request for any documentation from the user for verification purposes.