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【Gift】 Nong Chun Xiang Mama Tea x 2 Sachets 【Not for sale】
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【Gift】 Nong Chun Xiang Mama Tea x 2 Sachets 【Not for sale】

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    Mama Nursing Tea
    - Fast & Easy To Take On
    - Increased Breastfeed Milk
    - No artificial flavorings
    - No Preservatives
    - No Dye Stuff

    Ingredients: Water, Brown sugar, Red dates, Cow herb Seed, Angelica, Ginger, Wolf berry.
    Storage: Room temperature
    Net weight: 100 gram/bag
    Place of production: Taiwan

    How to use:
    - Pour with 100 c.c hot water mix well for drink.
    * Recommend to drink 1~2 bags daily.
    - Drink 30 minutes before breastfeeding for best results.

    1. Not for use during pregnancy.
    2. Please follow the recommended amount to use.
    3. Consult your healthcare provider if feel unwell.