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Simply Probiotics Support Digestive Health 30S -
  • SKU: P-SB-HF-028

【Gift】Simply Probiotics Support Digestive Health 30S

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    Content– 0.5g X 30 tablets

    Function– Helps to digest better and maintain the balance of the body's health, the Lactobacillus used is selected based on big data collected by over 30 doctors. 

    Ingredients – Indigestible maltodextrin corn source soluble fiber, red algae calcium, Brady yeast Saccharomyces boulardii powder, fructooligosaccharide, Lactobacillus paracasei powder, Republic of China patent strain, patent number I342217, hobby Acidic Lactobacillus acidophilus powder, Bacillus coagulans powder, Lactobacillus casei powder, Clostridium Butyricum powder

    【Capsule Ingredients】 - Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Lancang

    Directions to Use– Take two tablets once a day, before bedtime or on an empty stomach.

    Origin– Taiwan

    Shelf Time – 3 years


    1. Seal and store in a cool, dry place after opening, and avoid direct sunlight.

    2. Pregnant women, taking drugs or other diseases, please consult the doctor (medicine) before eating.

    3. To maintain product freshness after opening, please eat as soon as possible.

    4. Please keep out of reach of children.

    5. Vegetarians are edible.


    【规格】- 0.5g X 30顆

    【主要功效】- 帮助消化和维持体内环境平衡,稳定性佳,菌数存活率高

    【主要成分】- 難消化性麥芽糊精玉米來源可溶性纖維、紅藻鈣、布拉迪酵母菌Saccharomyces boulardii菌粉、果寡糖、副乾酪乳酸桿菌Lactobacillus paracasei菌粉中華民國專利菌種,專利號碼I342217號 、嗜酸性乳酸桿菌Lactobacillus acidophilus菌粉、凝結芽孢乳酸菌Bacillus coagulans菌粉、酪蛋白乳酸桿菌Lactobacillus casei菌粉、酪酸菌Clostridium Butyricum菌粉

    【膠囊成分】- 羥丙基甲基纖維素、結蘭膠

    【使用方式】- 每日一次兩顆,睡前或空腹食用。

    【保存期限】- 3年

    【原产地】- 台湾