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Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Noodles 540g (135g x 4pack)
  • SKU: P-JS-FD-001

Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Noodles 540g (135g x 4pack)

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     Product:   Jinbo Selection Soul Spicy Noodles 540g (135g x 4pack)
     Contents:   100g/4pack
     Feature of Product:   The surface was free of preservatives/bleach/unmodified starch. The non-basic modified natural golden wheat extracted wheat heart powder was carefully selected.
     Main Ingredients:   The sauce contains water, brewed soy sauce, bean paste (yellow bean), salt, flavoring agent (L-sodium glutamate), conditioning vinegar (vinegar), caramel, spicy (chili, pepper, pepper, Cinnamon), thickener (acetylated adipic acid diamyl starch, corn sugar gum), yeast extract, spices, chili sauce containing soybean oil, spices (red onion, pepper, chili), palm oil (completely hydrogenated palm oil) , soy lecithin), red spicy pigment, chili extract, dry onion sauce containing green onion, noodles with wheat flour, water
     Directions to cook: 
    1. Put the noodle into boiling water and cook 4-5min.
    2. Place all the sauce pack into a bowl
    3. Put the cooked noodle and a spoon of hot water into the bowl
    4. Mix well and enjoy your soul spicy noodle
     Shelf Life:   270 days (keep in room temperature)
     Origin:   Taiwan
    1. Please go to the shade and avoid direct sunlight.
    2. Please use the product as soon as possible after unpacking to ensure the best quality.
    3. For those with special constitution, please follow the doctor's instructions.
    4. No onion package vegetarians can be eaten.
    5. Please consider the amount of pepper.