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Ludeya 2nd Generation Microcurrent Lifting Massaging Poller + 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g
  • SKU: P-LD-MN-014 + P-LD-LP-002

Ludeya 2nd Generation Microcurrent Lifting Massaging Poller + 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g

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[Product Name] Ludeya 2nd Generation Microcurrent Lifting Massaging Poller
 [Main Functions] With Italian top design and EMS Microcurrent Technology, designed to perfectly fit all angles and contours of the face, gives the skin a revitalizing massage, effectively boost collagen, reduce puffiness, firm the skin, prevents and reduces signs of aging. Features a solar panel that converts light energy to microcurrent, promotes blood circulation, to lift and firm slackening skin on the face and body.
 [Direction To Use] We recommend using this device after applying skincare products. Massaging the face after applying a lotion or cream will help the device to glide smoothly across your face. After use, wipe off any remaining residues with a clean cloth.
 [Application Areas] Face, Neck, Body
 [Precautions] 1. This product is fully waterproof, it is safe to wash with water. Please do not immerse it in water for a long period of time.
2. Please do not use it if you have swelling, surgery, sunburn, or other skin conditions.
3. Due to personal hygiene, please avoid sharing the product with others.
4. Ludeya Microcurrent Lifting Massaging Poller is a personal hygiene product, no return will be allowed for used products.


[Product Name] Ludeya 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g 【Exp 2023.03.23】
[Contents] 50g
 [Main Functions]

Moisturizing, remove dullness, whitening, anti-aging, refine wrinkle, firming, nourishing and repairing, improve skin tone, sensitive skin.

[Main Ingredients] Premium amber essence, rhizome extract, maritime pine bark extract, allantoin
 [Direction To Use]

1st step: After removing make up and cleansing face, dispense a proper amount of essence.

2nd step: Apply gently with fingertips until fully absorbed.

[Suitable Skin Type] Normal skin
 [Origin] Taiwan
[Shelf time] 3 years
 [Caution] Avoid from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If skin irritation or rash occurs, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use it on wounded/ affected skin. Please perform allergy/sensitive test before use. If there is any abnormal, itching, redness or swelling do not apply this product.