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【Bundle of 2】M2 Super Enzyme Diet Supplement (Before Meal) 30s X2 -
  • SKU: P-M2-HF-007 x2

【Bundle of 2】M2 Super Enzyme Diet Supplement (Before Meal) 30s X2

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    [Product Name] -M2 Super Enzyme Diet Supplement (Before Meal) 30s X2
    [Main Function] – Blocking carbohydrate metabolism, high fiber full belly, oil cut and greasy
    [Main Ingredients] – Konjac extract, microcrystalline α-cellulose, pectin, gelatinized starch, branched amino acid L-leucine, Lα amino isovaleric acid, L-isoleucine, Garcinia Cambogia extract, Barnabas leaf extract , Xianfeng grass extract, bitter gourd extract, magnesium stearate, chromium picolinate
    [Direction to use] – Two at a time, 30 minutes before meals, with boiling water
    [Contents] – 0.6g X 30 tablets
    [Capsule Ingredients] - Gelatin, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, pure water, glycerin, edible blue No. 1, edible yellow No.4
    [Origin] – Taiwan
    [Shelf Life] – 3 years
    [Cautions] -
    1. Seal and store in a cool, dry place after opening, and avoid direct sunlight.
    2. Pregnant women, taking drugs or other diseases, please consult the doctor (medicine) before eating.
    3. It is not recommended for infants, children, pregnant women and allergies.
    4. This product has the use of plant-derived ingredients. If the color change is a natural phenomenon, please feel free to use it.
    5. Children under the age of three are not allowed to use, please leave them unreachable.
    【产品名称】- M2食事前阻隔動不動膠囊 (餐前) 30s 【粉色】
    【主要功效】- 阻醣代谢,高纖满腹,油切戒腻
    【主要成分】- 魔芋萃取、微結晶狀α纖維素、果膠、糊化澱粉、支鏈胺基酸L白胺酸、Lα胺基異戊酸、L異白胺酸、藤黃果萃取、巴拿巴葉萃取、咸豐草萃取、苦瓜萃取、硬脂酸鎂、吡啶甲酸鉻
    【使用方式】- 每次兩顆,飯前30分,搭配開水使用
    【规格】- 0.6g X 30顆
    【保存期限】- 3年
    【原产地】- 台湾