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A courier service is used for international shipping. Your full name, phone number and email address is required, as well as a valid shipping address. You will be contacted by our courier service in regards to customs, duties and fees where applicable and necessary.

Customs regulations are often complex and vary greatly from country to country. Unfortunately, cannot guarantee any package will be accepted by customs.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure any product ordered is not restricted in their country, and the customer is responsible for paying any customs or import taxes, duties and fees charged by the relevant agency.

If you are concerned that your product order may be delayed or seized in transit, we recommend that you contact your local customs office for more details on the importation regulations and restrictions before placing your order.

If your order is seized by customs, you are responsible for contacting the customs office and resolving the issue. cannot assist in clearing goods through customs, and will not refund or credit for goods seized.

If your order was refused by customs, you parcel will be disposed at destination and will not refund or credit for goods amount of your purchase.


We will dispatch the order within 2 - 4 working days. You will be able to view your order tracking number in the Order History section of your account – this tracking number can be used for shipping status enquiries. Delivery times will vary based on location.


We will not cancel or refund an order based on "change of mind". We will replace or reimburse you for any product which has been delivered to you and is faulty or damaged.


We reserve the right to not supply products based on your location.


Shipping rates are charged based on a calculation of the weight or dimension of your order (whichever is higher), to your specified destination. This rate is shown as "Shipping" in the Checkout.

International Shipping Rate(in SGD)

Weight ASEAN Countries USA EUROPE Countries OCEANIA Countries Canada
0.01-1KG 30 61 36 40 65
1.01-2KG 32 68 37 45 77
2.01-3KG 41 87 39 51 97
3.01-4KG 51 97 42 58 109
4.01-5KG 60 114 54 69 130
5.01-6KG 65 132 68 79 150
6.01-7KG 70 149 84 90 170
7.01-8KG 75 167 101 101 191
8.01-9KG 80 184 117 111 211
9.01-10KG 85 202 133 122 232