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Simply Super Concentrated Double Enzyme Tablet 30S
  • SKU: P-SB-HF-016

Simply Super Concentrated Double Enzyme Tablet 30S

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    【Contents】 – 0.9g x 30 tablets

    【Main Functions】 - Concentration of the enzymes is improved up to 200%. Prolong the process of metabolism. Double action in promoting metabolism. Enhance satiety, double action in preventing fat accumulation, enable smooth defecation.

    【Main Ingredients】 - Brewer's yeast, lipase, green tea extract containing catechin, amylolytic enzymes, calcium carbonate, maltodextrin, compound of essential amino acids, pineapple enzymes, Brazil enzymes, compound of digestive enzymes, chestnut skin extraction, Noni enzymes, L carnitine, GABA powder, patented compound of plant extracts, patented probiotics, yeast peptides

    【Directions to Use】 - 1 tablets daily after breakfast , can consume along with room temperature water

    【Origin】 - Taiwan

    【Shelf Life】 - 3 years

    1. Seal and store in a cool,dry place after opening,and avoid direct sunlight.

    2. Pregnant Lady, Patient who under medication or other diseases , please consult your doctor before consuming

    3. To maintain product freshness after opening,please eat as soon as possible.

    4. It is not recommended for infants,children,pregnant women and fungal allergies.


    【规格】- 0.9g x 30锭

    【主要功效】- 酵素浓度提升200%,延长代谢时间,双倍促进新陈代谢,调节体质,增加饱足感,双倍防止堆积油脂,使排便顺畅

    【使用方式】- 每日早餐后吃一颗,可配合温开水食用

    【保存期限】- 3年

    【原产地】- 台湾





    4. 開封後請盡速使用完畢。